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SASKATOON'S agri-landscape

Saskatchewan is a world leader in pulse crops and a major exporter of peas, lentils and chickpeas. Innovation Saskatchewan, the provincial government's central agency, has identified crop quality and yield enhancement as ongoing priorities, and is leveraging the province's unique cold weather and drought conditions as opportunities to understand factors such as abiotic stress. 

'Saskatchewan is canada's leading agricultural exporter'

The province of Saskatchewan where Saskatoon is located, is home to about (1/3) one-third of Canada's agricultural biotechnology industry with a history of world-class agricultural innovation. With our research infrastructure and talent pool, it is one of the city's strategic advantages. 

Success stories

The University of Saskatchewan has become Canada's leading hub for crop genomics. In partnership with NRGene of Israel, the university has mapped the wheat genome sequence, as well as the sequences of two wild lentil genomes, and is now working to sequence several more major global crops. 

The Global Institute for Food Security is working to improve drought, pest and stress-resistance in crops by linking specific genes to desired traits.