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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the 8th International Crop Science Congress has been cancelled. Click here for more information.

Committee Members


Dave Schneider

GIFS Research Chair in Digital and Computational Agriculture | Professor
GIFS, University of Saskatchewan

Research Interests

Dr. Schneider’s research program is focused on the use of computer vision and machine learning techniques for automating the analysis of root system architectures, and the development of contrast enhancement methods for imaging roots, in soil, using X-ray and neutron imaging. He also uses systems biology approaches to study complex systems, including the root microbiome, and has previously led research on the functional genomics and systems biology of bacterial plant pathogens. In addition, he has employed mathematical, statistical and computational methods for modeling the spread of infectious diseases in crops and livestock.

Professional and Societal memberships

  • Member of Pandemic Prediction and Forecasting Science and Technology
  • Working Group of the Subcommittee on Biological Defense
  • Research and Development, Committee of Homeland and National
  • Security, National Science and Technology Council
  • Member of integrated product team on foreign animal disease threats
  • Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate