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Committee Members


Mike Cey

Director of Corporate Initiatives
Ag-West Bio

Professional Interests

Mike graduated from the University of Saskatchewa in 1991 with an Agricultural Science degree, with a specialization in soils. During his university years, he worked for Dow, AAFC, Novozymes and Monsanto in various research capacities. Prior to joining Ag-West Bio, Mike worked for Imperial Oil, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Canadian Wheat Board and Federated Co-operatives Limited, in a variety of research and marketing roles. Currently, he serves as Director of Corporate Initiatives for Ag-West Bio, where he works with industry, research institutions, associations and government agencies to identify and lead key strategic initiatives and execute collaborative projects to strengthen Saskatchewan’s pre-eminent bioeconomy, and provides strategic guidance in Ag-West Bio’s commercialization support activities.


Professional and Societal Memberships:

  • Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists

  • Toastmasters International