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Committee Members


Sheri Strydhorst

Cereal Agronomic Research Scientist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Barrhead
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Livestock and Crops Division

Research Interests

Dr. Strydhorst’s research is focused on: (i) maximizing the genetic potential of cereal cultivars by using cultivar-specific agronomic management; (ii) advancing agronomic practices, including nitrogen fertility, plant growth regulators and foliar fungicides; (iii) studying different responses of these agronomic practices on various wheat cultivars; and (iv) enhancing the profitability and competitiveness of Canadian agricultural crop producers through implementing on-farm practices.

Professional & Societal Memberships

  • Canadian Society of Agronomy, President-Elect
  • American Society of Agronomy
  • Prairie Grains Development Committee
  • Alberta Regional Variety Advisory Committee
  • Wheat Initiative – Agronomy Expert Working Group Member