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Sanwen Huang

Professor & Director General
Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen | Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Sanwen Huang is dedicated to apply big omics data to advance plant biology as well as to revolutionize crop breeding. He has coordinated multiple international genome projects and sequenced the genomes of cucumber, potato, and tomato. He is recognized as a leading figure and founder of the field of vegetable genomics.

He revealed the genetic basis of domestication and diversity of cucumber and tomato, setting theoretical framework of germplasm utilization. He elucidated the chemical and genetic basis of cucumber bitterness and tomato flavor, creating a new roadmap for flavor breeding in vegetables. He has launched the “Upotato Plan”, which aims to transform potato from a clonally propagated, tetraploid crop to a true-seed-propagated, diploid crop, using genomic-design breeding. His vision is to develop an international collaboration that enables the supply of personalized food in a sustainable manner.